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MyChips Offerwall Integration Documentation

This documentation guides you through integrating the MyChips Offerwall into your Unity project. The MyChips Offerwall is a powerful tool for monetizing your game by rewarding users with in-game items or currency in exchange for engaging with advertisements. By following these steps, you'll seamlessly add the Offerwall to your game, enhancing user engagement and potentially increasing your revenue.


Before you start, ensure you have a Unity project set up and you are familiar with basic Unity operations. You should also have an account with MyChips to access your ad unit ID, which is crucial for the integration process.Unity Studio - min version 2020.3

Step 1: Download the Package

First, download the MyChips Offerwall Unity

Step 2: Import the Package

After downloading, import the package into your Unity project:

  • Open Unity and your project.

  • Navigate to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.

  • Select the downloaded MyChips Offerwall package and click Open.

  • Ensure all files are selected and click Import.

Step 3: Initial Setup

Go to the Very First Scene

Ensure you're in the first scene of your game where you intend to integrate the Offerwall. This is usually the main menu or the initial loading scene.

Access MyChips Settings

  • Navigate to Window > MyChips Settings in the Unity editor menu.

  • Click Add Prefab to add the MyChips Offerwall prefab to your scene.

Configure the Prefab

Select the created MyChips game object in your scene. In the Inspector window, you'll need to add your Ad Unit ID.

Ad Unit ID

To find your Ad Unit ID:

  • Log into your MyChips publisher dashboard.

  • Navigate to the section where your ad units are listed.

  • Copy the Ad Unit ID designated for the Android/iOS platform.

Paste this ID into the corresponding field in the MyChips game object's Inspector window.

Step 4: Show the Offerwall

To display the Offerwall within your game, use the following code snippet at the point where you want the Offerwall to appear:


Step 5: (Optional) Set User ID

If your game implements its own user ID logic, you can set a custom user ID for the Offerwall:


Replace "your_custom_user_id" with your actual user ID variable or value.

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