Reward User

1. Fully Managed by MyChips

Use this method only if you have selected Self-Managed Currency. If you already support S2S postback please skip this snippet.

1.1 Check for new reward at app open and app resume

React.useEffect(() => {
   //handler for App State Changed
   const handleAppStateChange = (nextAppState: any) => {
       if (nextAppState === 'active') {
        const fetchReward = async () =>{
          return await MCOfferwallSDK.GetReward(ADUNITID)
        //check for new rewards

     //subscribe the appstate event change
     const subscription = AppState.addEventListener('change', handleAppStateChange);
     return () => {
         //umregister event

2. Server-to-Server (S2S) Postbacks

If you prefer server-to-server communication, MyChips can send a postback to your server with bonus information. The configuration for postbacks is available in your publisher dashboard. This method is useful for validating and securely rewarding users without client-side manipulation.

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