Install SDK

1. Introduction

This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for integrating the MyChips SDK into your Flutter application, enabling the display of an engaging offerwall.

2. SDK Integration

To add the package to your project:

 $ flutter pub add my_chips_flutter_sdk

Now in your Dart code, you can import it:

import 'package:my_chips_flutter_sdk/my_chips_flutter_sdk.dar

3. Initializating the SDK

Before using the sdk or showing the offerwall you must initialize it:

//replace "YOUR_API_KEY"
await MCOfferwallSdk.instance.init("YOUR_API_KEY");

Obtain your API key and User ID from Universal Developer Portal

3.1 (Optional) Set userId if you have your own unique id

//replace "YOUR_USER_ID"
await MCOfferwallSdk.instance.setUserId("YOUR_USER_ID"); 

4. Display the Offerwall

To show the offerwall we provide you with a widget called OfferwallPage. You should show it as a page using your preferred navigation package/method.

Example using the default flutter navigator:

//replace "YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID"
        builder: (context) => OfferwallPage(
        adunitId: "YOUR_AD_UNIT_ID",

Your Ad unit ID can be found at here

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